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Our Educational Service

Future Bridge is a leading educational services provider in Japan, dedicated to empowering students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in today’s competitive world. With a strong commitment to academic excellence and personalized learning, Future Bridge offers a wide range of educational services tailored to meet the diverse needs of students. Their programs are designed to foster critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills, ensuring that students are well-prepared for future challenges. Through innovative teaching methods and experienced educators, Future Bridge creates a supportive learning environment where students can thrive and reach their full potential. Whether it’s language acquisition, exam preparation, or specialized courses, Future Bridge strives to deliver high-quality education that equips students with the tools they need to succeed academically and beyond.


Australian/Canada/USA University and Vocational Education Placement

With a network of offices across Australia, Sri Lanka, UAE, Japan, Canada, UK and USA , Future Bridge is one of the leading education consultants Sri Lanka with a reputation of integrity & ethics.
We recruit students to more than 100 Universities, Colleges, Vocational Institutions and Schools across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. Given our strong ethical approach to business, we have built a powerful brand image and positioned ourselves as one of the most credible student recruitment firms in the industry.
Our strength lies in the values, integrity, ethics and competence of our team across our network consistently providing a professional service to our students and partner institutions.

  • English for Academic Perpose
  • Cert III/IV Vocational Qualifications
  • University Foundation
  • Pathway Study Diploma Programs
  • Undergraduate & Post Graduate study Programs
  • Holiday Study Work


When applying for a student visa, there are several general requirements that applicants typically need to fulfill. Firstly, prospective students must obtain a Letter of Acceptance from an accredited educational institution. This document confirms their acceptance into a specific academic program and includes essential details like the course of study, its duration, and the enrollment start date. Secondly, applicants must demonstrate their financial capability to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other related costs. This often requires providing bank statements, affidavits of support, or sponsorship letters to prove the availability of adequate funds.



> January Admissions

Each year from May to 20th September

>April Admissions

Each year from August to 20th December

>July Admissions

Each year from November to 20th March

>October Admission

Each year from February to 20th June

At Future Bridge Japan, we envision a world where every individual’s distinct educational and migration goals are realized through personalized support and expertise.